james weis

founder & president

Welcome to Revamp! I founded Revamp Agency in 2010. I started this company to help good companies become great by leveraging current sales and marketing technologies and techniques. We all want to make an impact on the world around us. By assisting businesses to drive sustainable growth, we help those businesses not only strive but the families and the communities that make up those businesses.

I am a husband to my beautiful and strong wife Elizabeth, and a dad to our amazing 5-year-old Matthew. I can’t seem to get into Game of Thrones even though everyone at work has been trying to. I am a massive fan of Silicon Valley and all things Marvel! I have a great passion for sales and marketing technology and strive to be the Tony Stark of MarTech!

megan williams

project manager

Meg lives and dies by her Google Calendar. She dreams about taking big ideas and breaking them into bite-size action items. She starts every meeting with an agenda and ends with with a run down of who’s doing what and by when. She will harass you for content approvals.

With a strong background in writing and editing, Meg has worked in marketing at a publishing company, a small financial services firm and a medium-sized Boston-based SaaS company. She’s worked in the agency world first as an project manager for an SEO and website design & development shop, then as an account manager at HubSpot for all kinds of marketing agencies all over the world as part of the HubSpot Partner Program.

Meg lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband, two boys, and very lazy black Labrador named Maddie. She’s very angry on Twitter, but not in real life. Her current personal project is trying to green up her thumbs and bring and old garden back to life.

james fischer


I’m a Filmmaker and Editor who has worked in Television, Film, Journalism and social media content creation over the past 5 years. Everyone has a story to tell and with the rising trend of video content dominating our everyday lives, my preoccupation is telling the best stories possible for our clients to reach their audiences.

Event, Corporate and Lifestyle video work are what I am passionate about and I am in constant pursuit of perfecting my craft.

Other than my love of film, I’m a pop culture junkie, Crossfit Coach and travel enthusiast.

corinne wight

visual designer

Let’s get personal! I’m a music nut with an extensive amount of knowledge for “The Office” trivia. Here at Revamp, I work with clients to determine their branding and design needs and flesh out a project outline that accomplishes what the client is aiming for. My specialties range from advertising design, social media creative, and digital and print branding projects.

Past projects include but not limited to website design, magazine spreads, newsletters, and logos. Join us today and witness first-hand the magic that is Revamp!